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f you’re reading this, it’s likely been a while since your last electrical service. We often take for granted how easy and accessible our energy is, going throughout our day flipping switches and pressing buttons. Sometimes, lights flicker or fail to turn on at all. Any trouble with your electrical system is easily preventable with the proper care and attention. However, it’s not recommended to handle electrical services on your own. Dealing with electricity can be dangerous, and mistakes can be costly. Instead, count on the skilled electricians at W3 Electric.

W3 Electric is here to offer you the care and expertise to keep you in power over your power. With premier electrical repair and electrical installation services in Sunnyvale, TX, you can be sure that we will brighten your life, and your home.

W3 Electric’s Enlightened Approach

We’re all about innovation. Our goal is to find a new and unique way to help our customers achieve what they deserve. If you’re looking for:

W3 Electric is here to help. Now that we’ve shed some light on our approach, how can we go about guaranteeing you a remarkable electrical repair or installation experience?

For trusted electrical solutions, contact W3 Electric or give us a call at 972-793-0733.

W3 Electric Services

Looking for a trusted, expert electrician in Forney, Texas? Our team at W3 Electric is here to solve all of your electrical problems. Do you need an electrical installation or repair service? Help with an electrical emergency? We’ve got you covered!

W3 Electric is your expert local electrician in Forney, TX. We offer the safest and most reliable electrical solutions in the area.

Brightening Up Your Home

Our trusted electrical services will change your home inside and out. We guarantee it. We’ve covered some of the services we offer that can benefit your home today.

Rewiring and Electrical Services in Sunnyvale

Old wiring can cause a whole host of issues with your electricity use. Most notoriously, fires can tear through homes that suffer from having faulty or old wiring. With all of the strain we put on our electrical appliances and technology, your home can be at risk if it doesn’t have the proper wiring. Your electrical wiring could use an update if:

Whether you need new wiring in your current home or new addition, don’t hesitate to contact us to help with your electrical wiring and rewiring needs.

Electrical Outlets and Switches

Not all outlets are created equal. Especially nowadays, there are USB outlets, smart outlets that have wireless capabilities, and even ones that double as mini-surge protectors (GFCI). We’re ready to install, repair, or service all types of electrical outlets in your home. GFCI outlets are a necessity for your home, and federal code requires them in the following areas:

The GFCI outlets have a breaker that can trip if too much energy flows through them. This measure can limit the chances of electrocution, so they’re critical to have for your family’s safety. Should you run into issues with these outlets, contact one of our electricians for professional electrical installations in Sunnyvale.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

There are many unique elements you can use to express your creativity in your home these days. But one way that often gets overshadowed is using lighting to make a statement, whether bold or timid. W3 Electric leads the way in helping homeowners reach their true bright potential with premier lighting installation services.

Outdoor lighting can add a splash of interest to your outdoor space or patio. Our design options can help you achieve just the right kind of ambiance for any space in or around your home!

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans offer more than a cooling cross breeze. They’re also a source of light, and because of this, they’re not as simple as you’d think to be able to install. Having to connect both the light and fan portion properly for it to work, installing a ceiling fan by yourself is never recommended. Instead, get in touch with a W3 Electric electrician in Sunnyvale, TX, for a seamless installation.

W3 Electric Offers a Variety of Trusted Electrical Services

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Quality Electrical Services You Can Rely On

W3 Electric provides award-winning electrical services in Addison, Texas. Whether you need an installation in a new home, repairs for an aging home, or landscape lighting to make your home shine, give W3 Electric a call to schedule an appointment.

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    Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. We bring expertise to every job, ensuring that safety measures are meticulously implemented at every step.


    We understand the importance of adhering to city regulations and industry standards. Our strict compliance not only ensures the safety of your property and its occupants but also protects against potential legal consequences.

    Quality Assurance

    At W3 Electric, quality is non-negotiable. We never compromise on the quality of materials or workmanship, prioritizing durability and reliability in every aspect of our services.

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