Electrical Services in Greenville, TX

Keeping your electrical system in good condition with electrical services in Greenville is an important part of home maintenance. When you need repairs or installations, having the right electrician on your team can make a big difference. At W3 Electric, we know how vital it is to offer services that meet all safety standards. We are always working hard to be the top choice for residential and commercial electrical services in the DFW Metroplex.

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Neighborly Electrical Services in Greenville

At W3 Electric, we want you to feel like you are working with a neighbor when you call us for electrical installations, inspections, or repairs. We have friendly services that are always centered around you and your needs. As an electrical contractor in Greenville, we want to take care of everything from your electrical wiring to your lights.

Electrical Repair in Greenville

When you have electrical problems, you should never have to wait to have repairs done. Any time wasted could be dangerous for your home or family. You will need an electrician in Greenville, TX, that offers emergency electrical repairs for everything from loose wires to tripping breakers. Contact us for 24/7 repairs.

Electrical Wiring Repairs

Every home has electrical wiring running between every outlet, switch, and panel. Even when installed correctly, electrical wiring can still become damaged or loose over time. Signs of loose wiring or faulty connections are tripping breakers, smoke, scorch marks around electrical fixtures, buzzing sounds, flickering lights, or visible signs of damage. You’ll need wiring repair in Greenville right away to avoid fire danger.

Electrical Switch and Outlet Repair

After years of usage, light switches can develop mechanical problems that can make it hard to turn the lights on and off. Outlets can also be difficult to use after wear and tear have taken their toll. Our electricians can repair old switches and electrical outlets in Greenville, TX so you don’t have to struggle with them anymore.

Electrical Panel Repair

Your electrical panel is always busy controlling the flow of electricity and making sure your system never gets overloaded. When there are problems with your electrical panel, everything else in your home can be affected. If you notice that your electrical panel is damaged, your breakers are tripping often, or your panel is warm to the touch, it’s time to call an electrical contractor in Greenville for help.

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Electrical Installation in Greenville

Electrical installations can improve your home’s comfort and safety by keeping it up to code and supporting all of your devices and appliances. When you need an electrical installation in Greenville, you can turn to your neighbors at W3 Electric. We strongly believe in taking the time to get the installation done right the first time.

Lighting Installation in Greenville

If you’re tired of floor lamps or fixtures that don’t provide enough light, you can upgrade with lighting installation in Greenville. We can install recessed lighting, ceiling fan light fixtures, dimming lights, theater room lighting, outdoor lighting, and more.

Outlet & Switch Installation in Greenville

Have you been wishing that you could plug your USB directly into the wall without an adapter? Or are you tired of only having one outlet in each room and having to use power strips to plug in all your devices? We can fix those problems and many more with our outlet & switch installation in Greenville. We put in dimmer switches, USB outlets, GFCI outlets, and more.

Electrical Upgrades in Greenville

Upgrading your electrical system is one way to keep ahead of technological advances and make your home as modern as possible. Sometimes electrical upgrades in Greenville are necessary for the safety of the building. We may recommend an electrical panel upgrade, wiring upgrades, and more to keep your home up to code.

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How do you determine the difference? Ask.

That’s right. Just ask. Most electricians who are experienced and qualified have no quandary about telling you about their work. Whether they do or don’t, never hesitate to check out their qualifications. Not only is this your right, but it’s also your responsibility to yourself, your family, and your neighbors.

The trouble most often comes when electricians who are not licensed or experienced make their rounds of those homeowners who are trying to save money and time on a job. There is nothing wrong with this reasoning, of course, but pursuing this is dangerous since problems with improper and inadequate installation is a path that is most often regrettable. Instead, there is nothing improper or unethical about asking to see a license, and even checking it out with the proper authorities. Proceeding with doing business with someone who is unlicensed and uninsured will virtually guarantee problems. And when problems do occur, chances are very good that you will not only be unable to receive compensation for your losses, but you won’t find the contractor either.

Insurance and bonding are other matters that should be checked out before pursuing business with a prospective electrical contractor. It’s a path you won’t regret, and the chances are good that the results you obtain will be worth the extra effort. There will also be far fewer horror stories about the job that went bad when it comes time to tell them. Instead, your home or office will be a beacon of quality for everyone to enjoy.

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    Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. We bring expertise to every job, ensuring that safety measures are meticulously implemented at every step.


    We understand the importance of adhering to city regulations and industry standards. Our strict compliance not only ensures the safety of your property and its occupants but also protects against potential legal consequences.

    Quality Assurance

    At W3 Electric, quality is non-negotiable. We never compromise on the quality of materials or workmanship, prioritizing durability and reliability in every aspect of our services.

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